Dessine-moi v24.1.0. Rye Ruff

S’il vous plaît, dessine-moi un mouton.


Dessine-moi is a simple Python implementation of the factory pattern. It was born from the need to create dynamically object trees from nested dictionaries (e.g. a JSON document).


  • Create a Factory object and register types to it.

  • Use dictionaries to create objects from the factory.

  • Create attrs-compatible converters to automatically convert dictionaries to instances of registered types.

  • Customise factories to your needs.

Getting started#

Dessine-moi requires Python 3.8+ and depends on attrs. It is tested with Pytest.

Install from PyPI in your virtual environment:

python -m pip install dessinemoi

Using Conda:

conda install -c eradiate dessinemoi

The Usage section presents Dessine-moi’s features and how to use them.


Dessine-moi is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.


Dessine-moi is written and maintained by Vincent Leroy.

The development is supported by Rayference.

Dessine-moi is a component of the Eradiate radiative transfer model.